About Quor

Quor is an experienced development company that is passionate about delivering bespoke projects. We build everything we develop from the ground up, so we can extend and change at the same pace as the industries we support. This has given us an exceptional technical ability which is perfect for new and interesting projects. Quor has a unique blend of industry experts combined with an industry leading development and support team.

Software Made For You

The Quor team consists of experienced industry experts specialising in system integrations as well as a vastly experienced in-house technical team. We maintain and support all the systems we develop in house with our experienced and professional support team.

Over 25 Years Experience

Unrivalled systems and industry specific experience

Smooth Integration

Enthusiastic, professional and dedicated team.

Transformative Time Saving

Efficient, accurate, sustainable.

Decades of Experience

As well as industry leading developers, many of our staff have first-hand industry experience.

Decades of Experience

Start your paperless journey today

Trusted By Over 100 Brands

Trusted partners for businesses of all shapes and sizes from a multitude of.

Decades of Experience

Start your paperless journey today

Top Development Team

Led by our technical director, Quor's development team are world class.

Decades of Experience

Start your paperless journey today

Support Promise

Dedicated support and implementation team with you every step of the way.

Decades of Experience

Start your paperless journey today

A Trusted Company

Quor systems are trusted by business from all sectors of all shapes and sizes, from small family run companies to large PLCs.

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Start your paperless future today, book a demo with one of our industry experts and explore how you could benefit from our revolutionary system and our industry leading implementation systems

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