Food & Beverage

We understand the needs of the food and beverage industry at Quor. Our team comprises of ex-industry experts who have developed a user-centric system to meet the industry's strict requirements. We recognise the frustrations of managing multiple systems, spreadsheets, and the tedious process of sifting through filing cabinets to find crucial information. That's why our system is fully customisable, ensuring that processes can adapt and improve compliance without the need for extensive changes.

William Miles

Group R&D Manager

Cranswick Country Foods PLC

Before implementing Quor’s system we operated with several disconnected paper-based systems working in separate silos of the Quality Management System. Integrating Quor's system marked... a pivotal turning point, by linking electronic data sets together, reducing manual data entry and having one source and point of entry for information. This brought in a new era of streamlined operations, improved coordination, and enhanced investigative capabilities. Unlike generic solutions offered by others, Quor's system provided a high degree of customisation that aligned with our industry's unique processes, regulations, and requirements. This is what stood out due to its remarkable ability to be dynamically tailored to our food business operations' intricacies. This customisation ensured not only relevance but also optimisation for operational efficiency and compliance. What truly set Quor apart was its commitment to adaptability based on user feedback, actively seeking input and continuously refining and improving the system. This user-centric approach guaranteed the system's evolution alongside our changing needs and emerging challenges. Since partnering with Quor, we have benefited from an all-in-one Quality Management System approach. The customer care team has gone above and beyond, with frequent meetings for system review, updates, and long-term actions. Also, the system's contribution to reducing paper waste and promoting sustainability has been significant, resulting in the conservation of a substantial number of trees. In conclusion, Quor's system has positively transformed our partnership, enhancing communication, data-driven decision-making, and process optimisation. Its tailored solutions, real-time insights, and adaptive approach have elevated our collaborative efforts, resulting in improved performance, increased customer and audit satisfaction, and a solid foundation for future growth and success.

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Quor supports multiple sectors through a seamless transition to a paperless future. Reduce paper, improve efficiency, ensure data accuracy, and move toward a more sustainable future with our bespoke quality management system and modules.

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Quor systems are trusted by business from all sectors of all shapes and sizes, from small family run companies to large PLCs.

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