Audit manager

Audits are fully managed and integrated within Quor, you can create audit templates for all types of audits from QMS through to GMP and Hygiene. A direct link to Corrective actions, the ability to add central standards and clauses, as well as auto chasing for review and sign off are built in as standard. The advanced audit action plan is the perfect feature for meetings and quick review of individual actions or large complex action plans.

Schedule, complete and follow up supplier audits.

Announced and ad hoc audits can be added to any schedule.

Internal and external stakeholders can see their individual audit schedule with the ability to accept/request/re-schedule proposed audit dates.

Manage an entire audit schedule, both internal and external. Infinite audit schedules and templates can be setup within the system.

Record, document and issue appropriate actions resulting from customer visits / audits in real time on any mobile device. Audits and inspections can also be conducted offline.

Ability to compile, manage and audit inspection action plans. That automatically alert repeat issues and chasing for close out of generated actions

Overdue actions/responses will be alerted and automatically escalated where appropriate.

Track/ trend/ report on all information gathered in real time

Audits can be automatically graded based on findings and linked through to internal department and/ or supplier status.

Our internal, external and third party audit schedules used to be extremely complex and very admin heavy, not anymore!

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