Compliance Overview

Quor's compliance modules have been built to maximise your efficiency by allowing quick and simple data entry with the additional powerful ability to trend and report against each of them. We offer paperless options for complaints, corrective actions, concessions, quarantines, document control and near misses.

Compliance Modules

Here is an overview of our compliance modules. If you would like a demo of any of our products, please get in touch!


State-of-the-art complaint management system. Complaints are added to Quor using the simple and intuitive form design within the system, or imported directly from customer systems, allowing users to add complaints quickly and accurately whilst supporting complex investigations and trending later.

Automatically log incoming complaints

Issue, manage and track full root cause investigations

Automatic triggers and alerting for overdue, incomplete, or repeat complaints.

Trend, monitor and report on all complaint activity in real time

Integrated paperless supplier non-conformance management system that allows complaints to be issued, tracked and closed with suppliers seamlessly through our unique supplier portal

Dramatically reduced admin with auto import of complaints at the same time as improving investigation through the guided workflow.


Using the same simple and intuitive form layout to ease the learning curve of the system, adding concessions are quick and easy to do with the ability to add bespoke grant and reject controls. Auto alerts and guided workflows allow for fast and effective communication and decision making in relation to potential impacts and/or root cause.

Request / raise / investigate a concession from any device

Automated granting and rejecting system.

Full control over permissions for granting / extending / requesting to ensure all concessions are correctly authorised and investigated..

Full record of resulting investigation and root cause.

Concessions are going great, already saved a ton of work and paper, everybody that is using it loves the easy accessibility it provides.

Corrective Actions

Corrective actions are easy to add, investigate and complete. There is a powerful tracking function and in-depth trending tool supporting all the fields being entered. The system can guide the user through complex root cause analysis such as 5Y’s and fishbone. Bespoke workflows can be added to ensure actions are reviewed, approved and signed off in a timely manner.

Request, raise and investigate corrective actions from any device.

Generate actions from any part of the system.

Create full root cause actions or use the quick action function for minor issues.

Seamlessly integrates with all processing checks and audits.

Track, trend, escalate and close out of actions in the system.

Automated alerting for each stage of investigation and close out

Brilliant, you need this system!

Near Miss

Complete near miss management tool - using the same simple and intuitive form layout of the system, adding near misses is quick and easy to do with the ability to seamlessly add different types of near misses from the same form. Advanced workflows allow for all types of near misses from H&S through to quality, food safety and legality.

Raise / investigate / close out H&S near misses.

Raise / investigate / close out Quality near misses.

Automated alerting for each stage of investigation and close out.

Track completion of actions and prioritise based on risk.

Create full root cause actions or use the quick action function for minor issues..

Ability to track, trend & fully investigate near misses has substantially reduce the number of issues leaving the factory.

Document Control

Fully automated document control allowing for multiple stage review and sign off. The system takes care of all version control as well as linking directly to the training module to ensure updates are trained accordingly.

Current documents seamlessly loaded directly into system.

New versions easily issued throughout the business.

Automatic triggers and alerting for new version releases.

Automatic lock out throughout the system to ensure new procedures have been adopted.

Linked directly to employee training and factory checks – i.e factory records can never be completed by an individual that is not appropriately trained.

Archive history of documents automatically detects which documents were in use during historical events – e.g system aids historical investigations by automatically retrieving the documents and training records in effect on a certain production date.

No admin for version control, multi stage approval and automated training updates is amazing.

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