Paperless Factory

Complete quality checks, traceability records, production records and capture KPI data, currently handled by paper, on any device. Track operational performance in real time, raise actions, request assistance and escalate issues in real time. You can track, trend and report on all information at any time on any device from anywhere!

Complete quality checks, traceability and operational records currently handled by paper, on any device.

Link directly to operating procedures and training module to ensure correct completion.

Track operational performance in real time.

Track/trend/report on all information gathered in real time.

Raise actions/request assistance and escalate issues in real time

Automatically alerts production issues, failed, or missed checks.

Interactive stock reporting including location/life/process stage/duration.

Dynamic and real time Productivity/efficiency and yield reporting.

Complete quarantine function which links directly from any check / data gathering exercise. Visitor management including paperless sign in.

Ravenwood Integration

We are partnering with Ravenwood Packaging to deliver a paperless factory solution from intake through to despatch. With the ability to incorporate all current paper documents into a paperless solution with predetermined pathways and guided resolution, allowing a consistent approach to check completion and issue resolution.

Complete real-time integration.

Exceptional reporting capabilities.

Exceptional due diligence confirming rejection of all sub-standard packs.

Real time monitoring of factory lines with fully automated factory checks.

Advanced cloud solutions allowing end users to monitor production anytime, anywhere on any device.

Unique ability to combine advanced compliance, increased efficiency and operational excellence.

Integrating our machines with Ravenwood through Quor has lowered the risk on our day to day production and made reporting on complex checks simple.

Quor Integrations

Quor provides the ultimate in flexibility through integrations to line equipment and any existing third-party systems

Link seamlessly to existing machinery / EOL kit or any existing stock / ERP.

Full real-time integrations available to remotely monitor production anytime from anywhere.

Track, trend and interrogate line performance as well as technical compliance and labour management.

Automatically import complaints from retailer summaries.

State of the art vision module available in conjunction with Ravenwood Packaging Ltd providing market leading pack verification and due diligence.

Watching production lines running from home is awesome, add that to the fact you know all EOL kit is set correctly directly from Quor is brilliant.

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