When working with the engineering industry, our system has become an extremely useful tool that has been utilised across dozens of different job roles and massively increased productivity throughout the industry. We offer powerful reporting, training, compliance and health and safety modules that eliminate the need for hard-to-track paper forms and unnecessary time consuming admin tasks.


In engineering, paper-based systems hinder project management, regulatory compliance, version control, safety protocols, performance tracking, and reporting. Manual processes are error-prone and time-consuming.


Adopting a paperless system streamlines project management and safety protocols. Digital platforms centralise data for regulatory compliance, version control, and performance tracking. Cloud-based systems provide efficient reporting.


The transition to a paperless system significantly improves efficiency in engineering operations, enabling quicker responses to project demands. The digital approach supports sustainable and data-driven growth.

A Must Have For Engineering

Quor offers multiple modules for your industry. See the list below to find out more or get in touch for a demo with our friendly team.

Factory Modules

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Corrective actions

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Document Control

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For All Sectors

Quor supports multiple sectors through a seamless transition to a paperless future. Reduce paper, improve efficiency, ensure data accuracy, and move toward a more sustainable future with our bespoke quality management system and modules.

Supporting A Paperless Future

Saving millions of sheets of paper every month

Smooth Integration

We will support you throughout to ensure a smooth transfer

Transformative Time Saving

Saving hundreds of unnecessary work hours

A Trusted Company

Quor systems are trusted by business from all sectors of all shapes and sizes, from small family run companies to large PLCs.

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Start your paperless future today, book a demo with one of our industry experts and explore how you could benefit from our revolutionary system and our industry leading implementation systems