Look at the latest advanced dashboard and KPI module, including cross site trending, real time alerting from key identifiers, real time links to line monitoring equipment such as metal detectors and label verification and real time operational monitoring including yield, OEE and key variance management.

Every user has a unique homepage allowing for only relevant information to be displayed

Users can select a mix of task/reports/core elements to be displayed on their homepage for ease of access.

All users can build and maintain bespoke dashboards which can be shared with other system users or exported for non-system users

Each user has their own task manager which can be customised to prioritise different elements and combined with the users individual system alerts.

Dashboards and homepages can also be fixed for specific user groups, e.g. all shop floor management see the same pre-set dashboard/KPIs.

So simple to use, unrivalled business insight, what else can I say

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