Supply Chain Manager

Introducing our most powerful and complete supply chain manager yet. Featuring the ability to instantly search entire supply chains by any criteria including country, ingredient and accreditation status. Interactive supplier specs, approval questionnaires, documents and risk assessments. No more completing documents offline or attaching signed PDFs.

Supply Chain Modules

Here is an overview of the supply chain modules we offer in our supply chain manager. If you would like a demo of any of our products, please get in touch!

Supplier Portal

A fantastic part of the supply chain system, allowing for each supplier to have their own individual portal to review and receive documents and specifications.

Unlimited contacts can be managed in the supplier portal

Complete ability to control the level of admin allowed by individual suppliers.

Each supplier will have access to their own supply chain manager portal where they can manage all their own base details, approval documentation and specifications in one place.

Suppliers will be automatically alerted when tasks need completing including chasing closeouts and automatic escalation of overdue tasks.

Other systems we looked at don't do a fifth of what Quor offers

Approval Documentation

Complete paperless management of all approval documentation.

Bespoke approval questionnaires and risk assessments created for all supplies and product types with the ability to set different templates for supply type/product category/risk level etc.

Every aspect of the approval documentation will be tracked and visible on timelines to ensure a full audit trail.

Each supplier will have access to their own portal where they can manage all their own base details, approval documentation and specifications in one place.

Additional documentation such as T&C’s, procedures etc are fully managed and can be linked to a full document control module. Document signing can be done electronically including physical signatures when using a touch screen device.

Strapline says it all, seamless efficient technology, the whole project was seamless and efficient, thanks guys.

Supplier Auditing & Inspections

Paperless audit management is another great module within our supply chain system.

Manage an entire supplier audit schedule across the whole supply chain. Infinite audit schedules and templates can be set-up within the system.

Record, document and issue appropriate actions resulting from customer visits/ audits in real time on any mobile device. Audits and inspections can also be conducted offline.

Ability to compile and manage audit/ inspection action plans, automatically alerting repeat issues and chasing closed out of generated actions.

What a fab system and great company to work with.

Supplier Alerts & Near Miss Reporting

This module has the ability for you to have full internal and supplier alerting capabilities

Ability to send out an alert in relation to a particular product/category/ingredient/ supplier etc to all suppliers or group of suppliers based on selection criteria.

Ability to track physical acceptance of the alert including any actions taken in relation to it.

Ability to send an alert to over 1000 suppliers, everyone receive it instantly, it's amazing. Added to that, the user interface to track acceptance and chase suppliers is so easy to use, I am genuinely impressed.

Supplier Chain Mapping

Full supply chain mapping including incorporating supply routes.

Map every aspect of the supply through to primary producers.

Ability to incorporate trade routes and countries of travel etc for all products.

Display product routes on interactive maps allowing for quick identification of origin.

Search, alert or restrict supply based on location.

Set-up exclusion zones or preferred supply areas simply through use of the interactive map within the supply chain manager.

Ability to pinpoint suppliers on the interactive map and jump directly to their supply route or relevant supplier portal/ product specification.

Exclusion zones/preferred supply areas can link directly to intake inspections dictating the level of inspection on receipt.

Supplier Scorecards & Dashboards

Fully bespoke supplier evaluation tool incorporating commercial and procurement KPIs.

OTIF – linked directly to paperless intake system.

Commercial – overall competitiveness scoring and benchmarking.

Risk rating – additional to traditional technical risk considerations - included as part of the overall vendor rating.

NPD – brief response times, fulfilment, and innovation scoring mechanisms can be incorporated.

Sustainability – scoring mechanism which can feed into an overall supplier score and ranking.

We looked at numerous systems before deciding on Quor, it offers for better functionality combined with the easiest user interface than any others we reviewed. On top of that it was also the best value for money!

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